In Pori you will experience the unique culture, local sights and attractions and of course wonderful summer events like the Pori Jazz Festival.

Crowds at Pori Jazz

In Pori you will experience the unique culture, local sights and attractions and of course wonderful summer events like the Pori Jazz Festival.

Ahlström Works

The Ahlström Ironworks in Noormarkku is one of Finland`s largest and most magnificent ironworks areas. It includes a high-quality hotel and restaurant as well as cultural tours. Parks, the river and the pine forest landscape add their touch to the area.

Alvar Aalto Attractions

Villa Mairea in Noormarkku and Terassitalo in Kauttua are buildings in which everyday life merges with architecture, iconic design furniture, art and wellness. People come from all over the world to see these beautiful examples of design and art.

The old town centre and river

The old town centre and riverside are highly valued areas. The shore block urban houses and public buildings built after the old town fire in 1852 form one of the most impressive old stone districts in Finland. 

The riverside scenery is one of the most significant and best-known sights in Pori, with the Kirjurinluoto islet and the Cotton Factory area on the other side of the river merging with it.

The Jusélius Mausoleum

The mausoleum was built as a memorial  for  Sigrid  who  passed  away at the age of 11. She was the daughter of businessman F. A. Jusélius. Jusélius wanted to cherish the memory of his precious  daughter  in  a  dignified  and  permanent manner. The mausoleum is one of Pori’s most well known sights.  


Pori has several museums and art galleries for people who enjoy culture, history and modern art. 

The Pori Art Museum is a museum of contemporary art, founded in 1981 on the initiative of Maire Gullichsen, presenting the latest trends in Finnish and international art. 

Satakunta Museum was chosen as the Museum of the Year in 2019. The museum’s three floors present a journey into life in Satakunta from the distant past to the present day.  

The basic exhibition at The Ark Nature Centre features the nature of Satakunta, while regional specialities include the island of Säppi and its mouflons as well as Finland’s large predators.  

In Aittaluoto, next to a traditional industrial area, the history and production of the Rosenlew Company of Pori (1953–1987) is presented in temporary exhibitions at Rosenlew Museum

An atmospheric courtyard near the centre of Pori is surrounded by century-old log houses that are now home to the Satakunta Museum’s Renovation Centre Toivo and the Korsman house. In the Korsman house, visitors can go back in time to see what the home of an ordinary family in Pori looked like in the 1950s.

Pori is the capital of summer events

Pori is one of the leading event cities in Finland. Today, events organised in Pori attract around half a million visitors from around the world every year to Kirjurinluoto alone. Here is just a few events happening every summer in Pori: Pori Jazz FestivalSuomiAreena and Porispere Festival. Visitors to Pori`s events will find that getting around the city is very easy. Seize the moment and come enjoy Pori`s diverse events all year round!