The island’s charming old buildings, the multicultural Reposfääri festival and the exciting fortress are only a few of the experiences available. During the summer season, you can explore Reposaari on walking tours organised by Visit Pori (by order in english) or take a boat trip to Iso-Enskeri.

Wooden houses in Reposaari

Reposaari is an idyllic island of wooden buildings, like a fascinating miniature town. The maritime district of wooden buildings with about a thousand residents is locally also called Räpsöö. The island is approximately three kilometres long and half a kilometre wide. It offers magnificent sea views and many interesting details.

The deep and protected natural harbour of Reposaari has been an important base for marine traders and military expeditioners for centuries. After founding Pori in 1558, Duke John gave Räpsöö to the town “to enjoy and use” – and this has been done.

The soil brought to the island as ballast has brought along seeds from foreign countries, and exotic vegetation blooms on the island in the summertime. You can still feel the era of sailing ships on the island.

Reposaari is a nationwide renowned district of Pori, and not in vain. The diverse wooden buildings, Norwegian-style church and the fishing harbour with its trawlers make the island – one could perhaps say – picturesque. A tour of Reposaari is an apt way to learn about Reposaari. The overall length of the tour, to be travelled by bike or foot, is 6 kilometres. You can also alter the length of the route by going via forest roads or paths to the centre. There is a rest area, several benches and information signs and posts telling about Reposaari along the route. There are also guided walking tours of Reposaari in the summer.

In Reposaari, you can enjoy delicious fish courses and admire the infinity of the sea on the jetty. The rocky and surfy shores of Siikaranta tempt you to hike. The idyllic island is accessible by bus, car and boat. You can stay overnight in the middle of nature at the camping area or in elegant floating villas, for example.

Did you know this: Reposaari is also a movie set. Rauni Reposaarelainen is an absurd road movie of a samurai reality in Meri-Pori.

Get to know Reposaari

Historical fortress fascinates

Tickle your imagination by going on an adventure around the structures of Reposaari fortress.

Reposaari Fortress
Reposaari church

Reposaari church

The architect of the Reposaari church completed in 1876 is unknown, but as far as is known, the drawings of the church were ordered from Stockholm. The church is hexagonal, the bell tower octagonal.

A pond in Reposaari

Marine milieu in Junnila

The cared-for lake shore park and a small lake decorate the yard of Junnila. In addition to nature, beautiful buildings and stone walls make Junnila a popular apot for taking photographs.

People on a rocky beach in Reposaari

Stunning views and engravings

Engravings and confessions carved in stone can be seen over a distance of several kilometres in Takaranta shore. The shore offers a stunning view of the open sea.

Reposaari Takaranta Shore