Arrival and getting around in Pori

There are many ways to get to Pori and getting around the city is quick and easy.

  • You can easily get to Pori via highways 2, 8, 23 and 11 – so all you have to do is turn on your navigator and go!

    All the parking areas in the city centre are conveniently located on this map. For more information on car parking and its prices, visit the City of Pori website. In addition, Sokos, IsoKarhu and Puuvilla shopping centres, for example, have plenty of time-limited parking.

    If you want to avoid driving in the city centre, park your car and hop on a local bus: for example, between Valtatie 2 and the railway, near Matkakeskus, you will find a large free 24-hour car park.

    Use the parking disc in the areas indicated.

    The parking disc is used to set the parking start time.
    The time will be set as the hour or half-hour following the start of parking, whichever is the earlier
    For example, if you park your car in a space at 14.18, you must set the parking disc at 14.30
    If your parking starts at 15.11, you should set the disc at 15.30
    You may not change the time of arrival during the period of validity of the parking disc.
    The parking disc must be placed in a visible position on the inside of the windscreen so that it can be read from the outside. Only one disc may be used at a time.
    Parking discs can be purchased from our tourist information and department stores, for example.

  • By bus

    By train

    By boat

    • The Reposaari guest harbour offers all services essential to boaters
    • Guest berths in Central Pori

    By flying

    • You can arrive Pori now from Helsinki by flying
    • Flights between Pori and Helsinki are now operating.
    • Book your tickets:
  • There are many electric scooter companies operating in Pori. Scooters can be found in key spots around Pori and make it easy to get around in the centre of the city. Please note that parking scooters is forbidden in some areas.

    All of these brands of scooters have their own app.

    Pori is also a great place for riding a bike! Grab a bike and head out to Yyteri for a day on the beach. Use an app called Rolanbike to rent a city bike in Pori. You can find the environmentally friendly city bikes in key locations in downtown Pori as well as Yyteri, for example. The city bikes are a common sight around Pori from April to October.

    Find the instructions and maps here.

    Rent a fatbike or an electronic fatbike in Yyteri! Find more information here.

  • Matkahuolto offers luggage storage subject to a charge in the centre of Pori. You can find the Matkahuolto office a few blocks from the Pori Travel Centre in the address Itsenäisyydenkatu 44, 28130 Pori. See their current opening hours in the service point search on the Matkahuolto website.

    Shopping centre Puuvilla also offers small storage lockers for carry-on baggage.

Arrival to Yyteri

  • Buses to Yyteri leave from Pori Matkakeskus. You can buy single tickets for pori public transport buses from the Waltti Mobile app or from the driver on the bus with contactless payment (by card) or cash. You can find more information about Pori public transport at

    Bus number 34 runs from the city centre to Yyteri every hour from morning to midnight. You can also find the bus routes in the route guide.

    You can find all bus services to Yyteri and Reposaari on weekdays here and on weekends here (pdf-timetables only in Finnish).

  • The longest and most beautiful sandy beach in the Nordic countries can be found in Yyteri, just 19 kilometres from the centre of Pori. Pori can be reached by car on highways 2, 8, 23 and 11.

    Arriving to Yyteri, it is easy to leave your car a short walk distance from the beach. The parking area is located at the end of Yyterinsantojentie. Another parking area is located at the Yyteri Hotel & Spa at Sipintie 1. The carpark near hotel requires parking fee. Both parking areas have duckboards leading to the beach. There are toilets and changing rooms along the duckboards.

  • You can also fly to Pori from Helsinki. Karhu Aero flies twice a day from Helsinki to Pori and vice versa. Book your tickets in the Karhu Aero website.

  • There are good cycling paths to Yyteri and at the end of the trip you can reward yourself by taking a dip in the waves.

    In Pori, you can use city bikes for hire with a mobile app. Bike rental points are located in key locations in the central area of Pori and in Yyteri. The Rolanbike app, which you can download on your phone, gives you easy access to a map showing the locations of the stops and instructions on how to use the bikes. Check the additional information from RolanBike website.