Archipelago road & Ahlainen

Enjoy the proximity of the sea and beautiful scenery on the Pori archipelago road. You’ll also get to visit the idyllic village of Ahlainen.

Bathing in the waves of the Bothnian Sea, Pori’s northernmost district, Ahlainen, is an enchanting combination of nature, sea, beautiful buildings and lively village life. Culture and nature come together at Ahlainen.
There are slightly over 1,300 permanent residents, but the population more than doubles when summer residents return to the village.

The village of Ahlainen along the Ahlaistentie road is nationally recognised for its significant cultural and historical value with its skilfully built wooden houses and traditional picket fences. Rivers flowing into the sea have shaped a delta at the Rantakaupunki area built in the late 19th century in the immediate vicinity of the village. The delta is in a slow but constant state of change, owing to postglacial land uplift.

A characteristic part of Ahlainen are the two outflow channels of the river Karvianjoki – rivers Eteläjoki and Pohjajoki – that flow through the village. At the Kylänranta shore, Eteläjoki branches further to the river Ahlaistenjoki and river Kristiskerinjoki. Owing to its environmental value, the Ahlaistenjoki delta is a Natura area and also part of the Bothnian Sea National Park. What’s more, the archipelago near Ahlainen with its rocky-shored islands is absolutely unique.

The landscape in the centre of Ahlainen is dominated by a beautiful wooden church. The church is the oldest one in the Pori area. It was completed in 1796 under the supervision of Salomon Köykkä-Köhlström.

Ahlainen features a hiking route and good opportunities for canoeing, cycling and swimming. The resting and camping sites along the Ahlainen hiking routes are also worth mentioning. The Kitukoski resting area along the river Pohjajoki has a hut, two bivouac shelters, a cooking shelter, a place for a fire, storage facilities and latrines.

The Youth Association of Ahlainen (Ahlaisten nuorisoseura) organises guided tours of the village and rents the village sauna. Through them, you can also request additional information about renting a church boat or canoes.

The road that leads from Merikarvia to Ahlainen is part of the national Gulf of Bothnia Tourist Route that runs along the coasts of the Gulf of Bothnia. The Tourist Route starts from Tornio, a town at the border of Finland and Sweden. Ahlainen has a well-preserved village milieu on a ridge and also some surviving parts of a medieval postal route that runs via Noormarkku all the way to Southwest Finland.

Ahlainen is about a 30-minute drive away from the centre of Pori. If you are travelling by car, take the route Vaasantie–Ahlaistentie. An alternative route with nice variations in the scenery departs from Lampaluoto at Meri-Pori and goes along the Porin saaristotie road.

Did you know this: The bell tower of the Ahlainen church, with its over 185 years of elegance, is a must-see for every church enthusiast.