Bothnian Sea National Park

Stretching from Kustavi to Merikarvia, the Bothnian Sea National Park invites you for an adventure on its waves and shores.

There’s plenty of fish in the Bothnian Sea. There are designated campfire spots on the islands where you can cook your catch. If you get lucky, you might even come across a grey seal or a great cormorant. Of the nearby island destinations, Säppi and Iso-Enskeri can also be visited without a boat of your own by joining one of the many coastal cruises organised during the summer season.

SÄPPI • On this island, you can look for wild sheep known as mouflons and grill sausages over a campfire. On guided tours, you can climb up to the top of the Säppi lighthouse and get a quick history lesson.

MUNAKARI • Popular with fishermen, this island has a house for temporary use by visitors. The stove in the house keeps it warm even on cold days. Don’t confuse this with the other Munakari just off Yyteri beach.

ISO-ENSKERI • The pristine nature of this hiking island provides an excellent setting for a day spent walking across the shingle beach, swimming and having a picnic.