Campfire sites

Yyteri invites you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Pack a lunch and have a fun day out! When hunger strikes, Yyteri’s campfire sites are the perfect place to take a picnic break.

Yyteri square barbeque area is in within easy reach

Yyteri Square has a barbecue area where you can grill your own picnic lunch. There are also outdoor toilets. The rest area is located at the end of the Yyterinsantojentie road, where there is also a large free parking area.

Fireplace with sea view at the Munakarin säikkä

Another campfire site with a great view of the sea is located at Munakari, on the Yyteri shore side. Firewood is available ready for use, so you don’t have to worry about bringing firewood.

The campfire site is locked when it is not allowed to be used, for example during a grass or forest fire warning. The campfire site is in an area of high value and it is essential that users follow the instructions carefully in order to maintain it.

Please pay attention to current grass and forest fire warnings, during which making fire is prohibited! Firewood should be used sparingly and it is also important that only designated firewood at the site or wood brought by the visitor is used. Do not damage nature or take wood to the bonfire from the surrounding area.