Kallo & Uniluoto

Kallo is a small rocky island that can be reached by driving straight along National Road 2, even all the way from Helsinki. The atmosphere of Kallo leaves a mark in every visitor’s heart. Next to Kallo is Uniluoto, a seaside neighbourhood where you can sense both the calmness and the restlessness of the sea.

Kallo island

The toughest surfers in Finland are familiar with the roaring waves of Yyteri and Mäntyluoto. In addition to breeze surfing weather, you can experience magnificent autumn storms and a touch of sailor romance in Mäntyluoto. The blocks of wooden buildings in the area extrude the spirit of the first decades of the last century. Mäntyluoto is also one of Pori’s external harbours, and it is located about 20 kilometres from the city centre. We recommend exploring the areas on foot and encourage visitors to respect the area’s unique natural values, wildlife and the privacy of local residents.

You can access the beautiful lighthouse island of Kallo from Mäntyluoto via an embankment road and have a cup of coffee at the exquisite Cafe Kallo. The Kallo harbour lighthouse and its rocky shores are popular destinations. Kallo houses the Pori coast guard and a pilot station, among other things. The island’s yacht club, Segelföreningen i Björneborg BSF, is the oldest sports club in Finland.

There is a magnificent beach for dogs in Mäntyluoto, approximately 450 metres long. You can keep your dogs off the leash here, but they must be under the owner’s control.

Did you know this: The Uniluoto village in Mäntyluoto comprises mainly wooden buildings from the 19th century.