Yyteri offers sun worship and beach fun on a gorgeous beach as well as various activities all year round, thanks to the Natura-protected dunes, unique nature and excellent services.

Ilmakuva Yyterin rannasta, kuvassa sateenkaari

Yyteri beach

Yyteri beach is part of the internationally acknowledged Natura and nature conservation area. The land area of Yyteri beach is owned by the City of Pori and it comprises the beach area, two toilets, wooden footpaths along the beach, stairs in the beach area, the entrance area to the beach along with the barbeque area and carpark. The total recreation area is around 39 hectares.  Yyteri is open every day of the year, not just in the summer.

Services in the summer season

The summer season in Yyteri is from the beginning of June to the end of August. The board displaying the water quality information is on the outside wall of the changing rooms by the entrance to the beach. During the summer season, the changing rooms and toilets are open daily at 10-21.

Between 15 June and 15 August, there is a lifeguard at the beach daily at 12-18.

The barbeque area by the entrance to the beach is open during the summer season, and wood will be provided.

Dog beach

The dog beach is located at Merisatamantie 13. There is visitor carpark opposite the Port of Pori building, on the other side of the road. There is a path to the beach from the carpark. You can also come here using local buses. Please do not take your dog to the Yyteri beach.


There is plenty of sand and the sky is the limit to creativity. Yyteri offers countless activities for families with children and other light-footed visitors.

If you fancy a break from the beach, the Yyteri Hotel & Spa invites you for a splash in the pools, or why not stop by the Yyteri viewing tower for some beautiful views? You can go birdwatching in the midst of beautiful nature. Maybe you want to explore the sea by booking a boat trip.

The toughest surfers in Finland are familiar with the roaring waves of Yyteri and Mäntyluoto. So go ahead and try surfing or paddleboarding in the shore of Yyteri beach.

Adventure Park Huikee has activities for all ages. The rope track passes between the trees at a height of 1–13 metres and its total length is nearly 2 km.where there are courses for everyone: the small and the tall, the experienced and the cautious ones. Huikee also offers fatbikes that make it easy to get around in the soft sands of Yyteri.

And also the real golf gem of the west coast is located close to the famous Yyteri Beach. 18 scenic fairways at Yyteri Golf offer unique golf experiences for players of all levels.

Yyteri is full of adventures and here just few of them:

  • test your limits in the climbing park
  • surf the waves or try paddleboarding
  • play golf
  • ride fatbikes
  • play beachvolleyball
  • play minigolf or ride a pedal car
  • go for a run along the water
  • take a hike in Yyteri trails
  • enjoy sauna and spa
Huikee, on the climbing track

Hiking routes and trails

In addition to the Yyteri sands, you can head for the Yyteri bird shore, a particular favourite of waders. We do recommend the silt shore to all birdwatchers. The silt shore is around 3-5 km from the sand dunes, depending on where you start. You can also take the longer route and take in parts of the Bothnian Sea National Park. The route is marked with signs and the bird shore area is covered with duckboards. Thanks to the numerous platforms, access to the bird shore is easy. There are in fact several platforms and 15 viewing towers for nature enthusiasts along the route. Meanwhile, there are more than 30 kilometres of hiking trails.

A family walking on a hiking trail

Yyteri is also so much more

The area also includes Reposaari, Kallo and Ahlainen and the picturesque scenery. Charming wooden houses, seafood restaurants, the church and the exciting fortress are only a few of the experiences available in Reposaari.

Archipelago road gives you the opportunity to leave the stress of daily life behind and rest your eyes and soul on the natural beauty. Don`t forget to visit the idyllic village of Ahlainen as well. And take your sweetheart to Kallo to admire the lighthouse, stormy sea and smooth sea-kissed rocks.

The Bothnian Sea National Park invites you for an adventure on its waes and shores. If you`re lucky, you might even see some grey seals or white-tailed eagles. The island destinations of Säppi and Iso-Enskeri can also be visited by joining a boat trip organised during the summer season.

Sustainable travelling in Yyteri

Yyteri in Pori is the first beach resort in Finland to be awarded the Blue Flag certificate. Yyteri contributes to the promotion and development of more sustainable tourism in Finland. Learn more about sustainability in Yyteri.

Huikee, on the climbing track

Activities in Yyteri

Bistro Yvonne, table setting

Cafés and restaurants in Yyteri

Yyteri Beach lomakeskus, outdoor photo

Accommodation in Yyteri