Kirjurinluoto – The events place number one

The events of Kirjurinluoto attract about a half a million visitors from around the world every year. Around the world Pori’s Kirjuriluoto is best known for being the grand stage for the International Pori Jazz Festival.

During the last few decades Kirjurinluoto has developed into a globally known place for events. Among the major events are the International Pori Jazz Festival, the Finnish schlager festival Iskelmä Festivaali and the rock festival Porispere.

The Kirjurinluoto Arena, the Lokki stage, the covered amphitheatre, and the entire incredibly vast park area attract about a half a million visitors every year to participate in various festivals, concerts, exhibitions, summer theatres or just for a group exercise at the park.

For the organisers of the events

The events places are available in various sizes, from small group gatherings up to mass events of tens of thousands of participants. The legendary Lokki stage has capacity for 8,000 people in its surroundings and the Kirjurinluoto Arena has capacity for up to 70,000 people. The covered amphitheatre has capacity for 450 viewers. The area has plenty of parking lots and good settings for camping. The services of the city centre and the shopping centre Puuvilla are within the walking distance from Kirjurinluoto.

The gorgeous park milieu of the Kokemäenjoki riverside and the events areas located at the riverside form the great settings for events of all sizes!

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