Opposite Eteläranta, in the middle of the Kokemäenjoki River, is Pori’s own central park, the Kirjurinluoto Park. It is popular among people of all ages for its outdoor recreation facilities. Outside Pori, the Kirjurinluoto Park is best known as the location of the hugely popular Pori Jazz Festival.

Taavi-bridge and Eteläranta from Kirjurinluoto

In 1573, the island belonged to the city notary as part of his salary, and it was called Kriivarinluoto, the secretary’s island. Later on, the name was changed to Kirjurinluoto, a more Finnish form of the name, and the shortened to Kirjuri by the local people. In the summer, it is an oasis for locals and tourists alike; a relaxing place for both adults and children.


In addition to relaxing, Kirjurinluoto is great for running and swimming. Children can play in the vast Pelle Hermanni Park or try their hand at driving in the children’s traffic park, Vinkkari. Other facilities include a popular disc golf course, a mini golf course and areas for playing pétanque. In the winter, the locals go to the Kirjurinluoto Park for skiing and ice-skating.

The Kirjurinluoto Park is only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, but you can also drive there or ride a bike. In the summer, the street train Poritar carries visitors from the market square to the Kirjurinluoto Park and back. For those travelling with a boat, there is a 24h guest harbour.

A hub of events

The Kirjurinluoto Park is a popular venue for events; the Pori Jazz Festival and Porispere are organised here every year. There are numerous locations to suit all events from small get-togethers to huge events with tens of thousands of visitors. We have the legendary Lokki Stage and the unique Kirjurinluoto Arena that can accommodate 70,000 people.

Animals and birds of the Kirjurinluoto park

Kirjurinluoto Park is famous for its animals, such as young goats, sheep and alpacas, as well as birds. For more than four decades, visitors to the Kirjurinluoto Park have been able to admire the numerous species of birds. In the summer, the bird area is home to a Java peacock, as well as the regular peacock and his all-white partner, Reaves’ pheasants and Lady Amherst’s pheasants, different hens and cocks, and a collared turtle dove couple. The Kirjurinluoto birds spend their winters in the City of Pori facilities on Hanhiluoto.

The entire area of the islands in the river estuary is thought of as a bird estuary. The peacock is the most magnificent bird in the Kirjurinluoto Park. In addition to the birds in the fenced bird area, wild birds like to swim in the ponds in the park. For example, mallard ducks have taken to nesting in the peaceful park. In the summer, you can often see mallard mums taking their little ones over to the water across the lawns.

Kirjurinluoto, peacock

Kirjurinluoto, peacock

Additional services

The Kirjurinluoto Sports Arena offers indoor and outdoor sports facilities all year round. These services are subject to a charge. You can visit the Sports Arena for indoor activities and fun and games – guaranteed fun for a rainy day. Facilities at the Sports Arena include a café, and indoor and outdoor mini golf courses. The outdoor mini golf course at the Kirjurinluoto Park is the second oldest outdoor mini golf area in Finland that is still in operation.

In the summer, visitors to the Kirjurinluoto Park can enjoy refreshments at Café Viksu, an ice cream kiosk and Cafe Pori Jazz.

Barbeque area

In the summer, there is a barbeque area by the river in the Kirjurinluoto Park. In the winter, the barbeque area is at the Kirjurinluoto Arena Ski Land and it is open to groups by prior arrangement.

In the summer, the City brings wood for barbeques every day. If you go there in the evening or at the weekend, it is best to take your own wood for burning. The barbeque area is always open to all park visitors.

Groups should contact the district gardener in advance.

Contact information (on weekdays)
Esa Rouvali
district gardener
+358 44 701 1766

Find your way

From jogging to playgrounds and from cafés to summer theatre, the map of Kirjurinluoto shows you all the main places to go.