Porispere 2.-3. August 2024

An extremely genial music festival with a fun atmosphere. A big favourite among the locals!

Porispere 2024 will take place in Kirjurinluoto in Pori!

Porispere is known for its unique vibe, good organisation and unique marketing. Over the years, this unique package has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from audience members, performers and the media alike.

Porispere is an extremely genial music festival with a fun atmosphere. Having started from a combination of the famous Pori attitude, which is known for having a hint of madness, and the spirit of rebellion, this event has grown from a “village party” for locals into a festival of national significance. Taking place at the beginning of August, Porispere serves up a diverse line-up of Finnish and international artists representing genres ranging from hard rock to pop music. 

Each year, the line-up at the Porispere festival is a fun mix of artists that includes some of the biggest names in the Finnish music scene as well as international artists and the hottest indie acts. In 2024, the festival will feature Sonata Arctica, Maija Vilkkumaa, Sexmane, Karri Koira, Lost Society, Samae Koskinen and many other star performers!

Contact information

  • Visiting address: Kirjurinluoto, Lokki-lava
  • Post address: 28100 Pori