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A bridge in Kirjurinluoto

Kirjurinluoto route 1.3 km

Runs in the south-eastern part of the island from the Taavi bridge, past the Pormestari bridge to Raumansilta bridge and the beach and back to the beginning. There is a campfire area along the route for barbequing sausages.

Luotojen lenkki route 3.4 km

Runs around the entire island from the Taavi bridge, behind the Kirjurinluoto Arena and past the Hanhipuisto park to the beach and back to the Taavi bridge. You can walk dogs on these trails if they are on leash. Remember to take bags for picking up their droppings.

Kirjurinluoto, a close-up

Kirjurinluoto, a close-up

Polsanluoto route 0.7 km

Runs in a natural environment, partly on duckboards. In the summer, there is a hand-operated ferry for crossing the river.

Kirjurinluoto, nature trail

Kirjurinluoto, nature trail

Summer route 1.4 km

The clue is in the name and this route is available in the summer and it runs on the meadow behind the Kirjurinluoto Arena.

Kirjurinluoto, nature trail

Kirjurinluoto, nature trail

Hevosluoto Nordic route 3 km

A new Nordic walking route runs in the area around the Kirjurinluoto, Hanhiluoto and Hevosluoto. NOTE! The footbridge along the route is temporarily out of use due to poor condition and safety reasons. It is not possible to designate a replacement route. The Lanajuova can be crossed via the Lanajuova road, which is closer to Vaasantie.

Kalafornia route 8.1 km

The cycling route runs on gravel paths on level terrain toward the Kalafornia golf course. The route takes you across fields and by the river, next to the villas. The total distance is 8.1 km.

The 7.7 km route

Combining the routes that criss-cross Kirjurinluoto, it is possible to walk for fun for almost 8 km.

Map of nature trails in Kirjurinluoto