Reposaari Takaranta Shore

The Takaranta shore of Reposaari is a rocky shoreline running for a few kilometres.
Reposaari is an island off Pori next to the open Bothnian Sea. Some three kilometres long and half a kilometre wide, the island is situated in the immediate vicinity of open sea and the mainland. The Takaranta shore of Reposaari is a rocky shoreline running for a few kilometres, starting next to the jetty and running all the way to Tahkoluoto.

The shore offers a stunning view of the open sea. In the winter, majestic ice formations rise on the shore. There are lots of great places for a picnic, sunbathing and admiring the waves on Takaranta. In fact, Takaranta is where Reposaari residents go to spend leisure time and enjoy the sea that is so important to them – the open sea whose brute force can only be experienced when sitting on the shore. The renovated war-time fortress is situated in the vicinity of Takaranta. Its trenches and bunkers are part of Finland’s military history. The observation tower of the fortress offers a far-reaching view of the port areas and the open sea. There are also many engravings on the Takaranta cliffs. The manifold rock engravings of Takaranta in Reposaari, dating back to the early 19th century, exude the mystery of deep emotions.

Come and experience Reposaari and the magic of the Takaranta shore!

Reposaari Fortress

By the shore is located the Reposaari fortress, which is a coastal defence system in Reposaari, Pori, built in the 1930s. The fortress is situated in the southern part of the island, west of the Reposaari village. In total, the area covers approximately 20 hectares.

Rock Engravings

Engravings and confessions carved in stone can be seen over a distance of several kilometres, from the Takaranta searchlight cliff north-northwest to the Red Cliffs and to the south-southeast from the Junnila cliffs to the London cliffs. There are large, impressive engravings and small, unnoticeable engravings.
The reason for there being many engravings is that Reposaari Takaranta shore has always been a popular leisure time destination. People have been waiting on the cliffs for large shiploads to arrive to the port and longing for those far away.
Therefore, there are lots of hearts, arrows, initials and dates among the rock engravings.
Over the years, a sawmill, harbour and workshop – all major providers of employment in the early 20th century – have operated in the area. On Takaranta, people have let it go and carefully carved beautiful affirmations.

Takaranta has not been forgotten even today; new engravings appear every year.

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