Renovation centre Toivo

Exhibition of methods and materials for renovation and living in Pori from the 1820’s to 1950’s.

The Satakunta Museum’s Renovation Centre Toivo is located in an atmospheric courtyard near the centre of Pori. The home of the Korsman family, renovated for public access and educational use, is located in the same courtyard, as are two other residential buildings and an outhouse shed completed before 1907.

Toivo was named after a juice factory, which operated in one of the rooms of the building in the interwar period. Today, an exhibition illustrates the renovation methods and materials used at Toivo from the 19th century to the 1950s. At the southern end of the Korsman house there is an apartment of two rooms and a kitchen, decorated as the 1951 home of the imaginary Korsman family with two children. All items at the Korsman’s are hands-on exhibits.

Pori Museum Services have been awarded the EcoCompass certificate in May 2024.