Ahlström Ironworks

We offer a high-quality hotel and restaurant and cultural tours.

The Ahlström Ironworks in Noormarkku is one of Finland’s largest and most magnificent ironworks areas.

This high standard hotel offers stylish accommodation for up to 60 guests. The restaurant at Noormarkku Club provides a pleasant setting for lovers of local and wild food. In summer, the Club’s sunny terrace invites guests to enjoy fresh drinks and delicacies, including a special moose burger!

The Ahlström Works have been granted the international GreenKey environmental certification. The Noormarkku Works are committed to increasing the environmental awareness of their employees and customers, optimising energy and water consumption and reducing the environmental impact of accommodation.

A variety of cultural tours are available for hotel guests, by reservation. The Ahlström Voyage exhibition introduces you to the history of the ironworks and, at the Sawmill Museum, you can explore the entire lifecycle of a sawmill. Villa Mairea, a jewel of modernism, is a must for admirers of modern architecture and Alvar Aalto’s works. We offer a range of nature services from fishing trips to hunting events. Enjoy a choice of sauna baths at Kolin sauna, from smoke and wood-heated saunas to a hot tub by the Noormarkunjoki river.

  • Hotel guests can book various cultural tours. The Ahlström Voyage exhibition sheds light on the history of the ironworks, while the Sawmill Museum covers the full life-cycle of the sawmill. Villa Mairea, a pearl of modernism, is a popular destination for fans of modern architecture and Alvar Aalto’s work.

    The ironworks offers diverse nature services ranging from fishing excursions to hunting trips. The Koli sauna features a number of different kinds of saunas, including a traditional smoke sauna, a wood-fired sauna and a hot tub on the shore of Noormarkunjoki river.

  • Guided public tours are available at the Noormarkku Ironworks all year round. Tours can also be reserved for groups.



    Guided cultural tours are available at the Noormarkku Ironworks all year round. For tour times and more detailed information on the content of the tours, visit Guided tours – Ahlström Ironworks (ahlstrominruukki.fi).

    The tours have various themes, including “Wartime in Noormarkku” and “In the footsteps of Alvar Aalto”. Guided tours of the Makkarakoski Sawmill Museum and the Ahlström Voyage exhibition are also available.


    For pricing information and other additional details, visit Guided tours – Ahlström Ironworks (ahlstrominruukki.fi).


    The cultural tours can be combined with a meal at the Noormarkku Club. During the summer season, Cafe Voyage is open at the Ahlström Voyage exhibition. Pleasant accommodation is also available at the Noormarkku Ironworks.



    Wartime in Noormarkku and at Ahlström

    The Finnish Civil War broke out on a Sunday in January 1918. It sparked a chain of events whose impacts were felt in Noormarkku for a very long time. On this guided tour, visitors learn about the events of the Finnish Civil War, the background to the war and the various impacts of the war that divided Finland in half.

    Later, during the Winter War and the Continuation War in 1939–1944, production at the Ahlström paper mills declined due to difficulties with exports, but war supplies grew to represent a significant proportion of the production volume. Members of the Ahlström family were involved in the war and affected by the war in many ways: men served their country as soldiers, women participated in the work of the voluntary civil defence organisation, and some children were evacuated to Sweden. In the end, the family made it through the war.

    The guided tour starts at the Ahlström Voyage exhibition at Makkarakoskentie 34.

    Price: €18 per person
    Group size: a minimum of 8 persons
    Duration: approx. 75 minutes


    Following in the footsteps of Alvar and Aino Aalto in Noormarkku – the collaboration between Aalto and Ahlström from the 1930s to the 1950s

    On this guided cultural tour, visitors learn more about the long-term collaboration between Alvar Aalto and Ahlström, which began from the friendship between Maire and Harry Gullichsen and Aino and Alvar Aalto. The tour covers the results of the collaboration between Aalto and Ahlström at several of Ahlström’s industrial locations, as well as fascinating unrealised plans at the Noormarkku Works and the Kauttua Works. On this tour, Villa Mairea is only seen from the outside.

    During the guided walking tour, visitors also get to take in the magnificent ironworks area as a whole. Persons with reduced mobility should note that the tour includes outdoor sections when the weather permits it. The distance between the sites visited is approximately one kilometre. The exhibition space is equipped with a lift.

    Price: €18 per person
    Group size: a minimum of 8 persons
    Duration: approx. 75 minutes



  • The meeting rooms at the Noormarkku Ironworks are located in stylishly renovated buildings in a unique setting surrounded by parks. In addition to comfortable meeting rooms and modern equipment, we also offer hotel and restaurant services.

    The accommodation services provide added value for meetings and make it easier to plan events. Staying overnight at the ironworks builds cohesion, while the attractive setting – with gardens, the river and pine forests – creates a calming atmosphere.


    Meeting rooms

    • Noormarkku Club 60–100 persons
    • Cabinet 22 persons
    • Glazed Veranda 22 persons
    • Noormarkku Room 40 persons
    • Iittala Cabinet 6–12 persons
    • Karhula Cabinet 6–12 persons
    • Riihimäki Cabinet 6–12 persons
    • Café 24 persons
    • Terrace 12 persons
    • Koli sauna 15–25 persons