Tours of Villa Mairea

Alvar and Aino Aalto designed Villa Mairea as a home for their friends Maire and Harry Gullichsen. Located in the Noormarkku Ironworks area, the building was completed in 1939. At the time, Harry Gullichsen was the General Director of A. Ahlström Oy. Maire Gullichsen was a collector and a patron of the arts. Her collection of foreign art is on display in Villa Mairea.

The building also accommodates the Mairea Foundation established by Maire Gullichsen. The Foundation is responsible for showing the building to the public and taking care of its collections. Villa Mairea can be visited on guided tours. Visited by thousands of people every year, it is one of the most renowned private homes in the world.

Contact information

  • Visiting address: Pikkukoivukuja 20
  • Post address: 29600 Pori