Jusélius mausoleum

One of Pori’s most popular sights.

Jusélius Mausoleum is located at the Käppärä Cemetery. It is one of Pori’s most popular sights and part of the Pori National Urban Park.

  • The mausoleum was commissioned by local industrialist Fritz Arthur Jusélius for his daughter Sigrid, who died of tuberculosis, to be her last place of rest.  Sigrid and Fritz Arthur Jusélius’ sarcophagi are on display in the mausoleum. Sigrid’s mother and sister are buried in the family grave close to the small chapel. The grave of Jusélius’ second wife is also close to the small chapel, and his third wife is buried next to the mausoleum.

    The Gothic Revival mausoleum was designed by the renowned church architect Josef Stenbäck. The ground slab of the mausoleum was cast in the beginning of the 20th century. Originally, the mausoleum was decorated with frescoes painted by Akseli Gallen-Kallela. However, the frescos began to deteriorate already in 1903. After the condition of the frescoes in the central hall became very poor, they were replaced one at a time with bronze reliefs by the sculptor Emil Cedercreutz by 1925. The current frescos were painted by artist Jorma Gallen-Kallela during 1933–1939 after drafts by his father, Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

    The mausoleum was inaugurated on the anniversary of F. A. Jusélius’ birth, 13 June 1941.

  • The mausoleum is open from Monday to Sunday from 11am to 4pm between May and August.
    During the winter season from September to April, the mausoleum is open on Sundays from 12-15. (The Jusélius Mausoleum will be exceptionally closed on Sundays until the end of April 2024.)
    The mausoleum is exceptionally closed at Easter, Midsummer and Christmas.

    There is a guide at the mausoleum during the opening hours. Groups are asked to inform about their visit beforehand.

  • The Sigrid Jusélius Foundation, with its origin in the tragic death of Sigrid Jusélius, is today the biggest private promoter of medical research in Finland, which since its inception has supported medical research with hundreds of millions of euros. Grants have been used to support the work of thousands of researchers, they have facilitated medical breakthroughs and promoted the development of better treatment for diseases. Read more about the Sigrid Jusélius Foundation.

Contact information

  • Visiting address: Maantiekatu 33
  • Post address: 28120 Pori