The old town centre of Pori and Kokemäenjoki river

The riverside landscape of Pori, the town hall, and other buildings form one of the most representable old city districts of Finland.

The old town centre of Pori has the atmosphere exuding memories from the 19th century life and the highly valued buildings of the district represent the neo-renaissance style. Most of the buildings in the district are built after the great town fire of 1852, after which buildings only of stone materials were allowed to be constructed in the district due to the changed regulations. Most of the old town centre buildings of Pori are designed by architect C.J. von Heideken. The old town centre of Pori is located between the Eteläranta and Valtakatu streets. This old town centre at the southern riverside of the Kokemäenjoki river is built according to a loose grid plan. The yards of the buildings located along the Eteläranta street are closed yards. In addition to residential buildings, they house outbuildings, some of which were built as merchants’ warehouses, some as cattle sheds and hay storages, and some as food storages. In addition to the beautiful residential buildings made out of stone material, you will find many of the most significant buildings of Pori such as the Satakunta museum, and the Pori art museum. On the Valtakatu street you will also find the old town hall, the palace of Junnelius that is the town hall of Pori and the magnificent Pori theatre.

The riverside scenery, also including the other side of the old town centre of Pori, is one of the most significant attractions of Pori. Eteläranta, Kirjurinluoto and the area of the Cotton factory Puuvilla form an astounding riverside scenery to admire the scenery of the Kokemäenjoki river and to observe the life on the riverside all-year-round. The area is a part of the National City Park of Pori.

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