SuomiAreena 25–28/6/2024

“To have more solutions and less problems.”

The largest societal festival in Finland, SuomiAreena brings the societal discussion within the reach of the public! SuomiAreena is an annual and an essential opening for discussion, in which different opinions and aspects on the society are given a safe and a constructive environment for a dialog.

The SuomiAreena event is organised in cooperation by the Finnish TV network MTV and the city of Pori. The event emphasises the deeds that make the Finnish society better. The themes of the festival programme are created by the participating organisations, and their deeds and themes which are the main topics of the current affairs of the Finnish society.

The event information brifly in English

The event takes place in Pori in June 25–28.

Contact information

  • Visiting address: Pori City centre
  • Post address: 28100 Pori