Welcome to Pori!

Pori is a place where you will meet happy people, experience the hustle and bustle of a lively city and find opportunities to relax in the peace and quiet of nature.

Yyteri sandy beach at sunset


Discover a great combination of different outdoor activities and experiences surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature.

Crowds at Pori Jazz


In Pori you will experience the unique culture, local sights and attractions and of course wonderful summer events like the Pori Jazz Festival.

A couple on a winter beach at sunset


In Finland and also in Pori, wellbeing comes from very simple things. For Finns forests are the places where we seek serenity.

Laundry on a string in Reposaari

Local life

We think that the best way to explore a new country is to get to know the daily life of the locals. And the best way to experience local life is to become a par

Local life


Spend an active winter day with the family

The winter weather offers refreshing activities such as sledding, skating and hiking.
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Discover your nature!

An experience for adults, an adventure for kids - the beach is endless and the sky is the limit to creativity. Find paradise on earth in Pori's Yyteri beach
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Pori sights and attractions

Looking for local attractions and sights? Whether you're looking for museums, activities, shopping, history or nature, Pori does not let you down!
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Restaurants and accommodations

Pori offers a wide range of accommodation options, from the city centre to the peace and quiet of the coast. Its comprehensive range of restaurant services caters for all tastes.
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