A maritime national park filled with experiences

Get to know the Pori coast and archipelago in the Bothnian Sea National Park. Stretching from Kustavi in the south to Merikarvia in the north, the park offers maritime travel gems for all tastes and likes. Most of the park’s destinations are islands, the most popular of which are Säppi and Iso-Enskeri, both of which are accessible to visitors without their own vessel on boat tours organised in the summer. Tickets and timetables can be found online at: shop.visitpori.fi.

Preiviikinlahti Bay, an internationally significant bird site, is one of the few destinations of the National Park that are located on the mainland – right near Yyteri, for that matter. The nature observation towers and platforms on the mainland are ideal places for watching water birds and waders.

You can enjoy the immensely varied and beautiful nature of Iso-Enskeri, an island for outdoor recreation, on the 1.3-kilometre nature trail, with display boards providing information about the island’s interesting history. An imposing shingle beach, an ancient shoreline, can be found on the northeastern side of the island. The trail returns to the campfire site through a thick coniferous forest.

The recently refurbished, gleaming white lighthouse can be seen from afar when approaching Säppi island. The 1.5-kilometre nature trail describes the history of Säppi during the time of lighthouse keepers and pilots. The trail takes visitors to the southeastern side of the island, with the best places to enjoy the warm smooth rocks while letting the sea lap at your feet. The hardiest will climb the 130 steps of the lighthouse to admire breathtaking views. The lighthouse offers views of the highland cattle and wild mouflon sheep taking care of the island’s nature management.

The lighthouse island of säppi

Munakari and Seliskeri are two other outdoor recreation islands in the Bothnian Sea National Park. The rocks on the western side of Munakari island (not to be confused with the Munakari Spit in Yyteri) offer sheltered coves for observing the endless open sea or even an autumn storm. Munakari and Seliskeri provide basic services for outdoor activities, including an outdoor toilet, campfire and jetties. Munakari does not provide firewood, but Seliskeri, Iso-Enskeri and Säppi do.

Top 3 tips for the Bothnian Sea National Park:

  1. Enjoy the stillness of the outdoor recreation islands. Lie down on the rocks, close your eyes and take a deep breath of the clean sea air. Let the refreshingwaves lap at your feet.
  2. Watching the sunset on the Säppi wooden footpaths is a riveting, beautiful experience. The luckiest will even get a glimpse of the mouflons, which become active in the evening, in the blaze of colours.
  3. The clamor of migrating birds is a show of nature at its best, even if you cannot distinguish a wader from a dabbler. The bird towers in Preiviikinlahti Bay offer a great stage for this show. Should an enthusiastic bird-watcher be visiting the tower at the same time as you, take advantage of their expertise to learn more.

Did you know?

Make your visit even more memorable by catching your own fish. In addition to a boat tour, you can go on a fishing trip. Read more at: shop.visitpori.fi