Nature Observation Towers

The vast dune areas, meadows and silt areas renowned for their birdlife and the Bothnian Sea Natural Park offer unique sights to nature lovers.

Birdwatchers’ Treasure Trove

On the routes by the coast of the Bothnian Sea, you get to admire meadow and silt areas popular with birds, grass areas and coastal forests.

The Yyteri silt areas are an excellent spot for watching the migration of arctic species. Thousands of migrating birds stop at the silts to eat and rest, which makes it easy to observe them.

There are more than fifteen (15) nature observation towers and platforms with free entry all year round to delight birdwatchers and everyone interested in nature. One of the area’s bird towers (Riitsara Langoura tower) is accessible by wheelchair. The routes are marked with signposts, and the silt area has duckboards.

Locations of nature observation towers. The towers are also marked in Yyteri hiking trails map.

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