In Pori, we look after the world

Sustainable tourism considers the current and future impacts of tourism to ensure that the needs of tourists, tourism companies, destinations, the environment and local communities are addressed both now and in the future. Sustainable tourism does not need to be overly serious; small actions have a big impact. Here are five tips for sustainable tourism in Pori:

1. Enjoy local nature

Are you familiar with Yyteri’s diverse activities, from zipping through an adventure park to lounging on a fine sand beach? Yyteri is the first beach in Finland to have received the international Blue Flag sustainability certificate. Admire the protected dunes from a distance, and please do not trample on the lyme grass that keeps the dunes in place. Also visit Kirjurinluoto, an urban oasis that offers outdoor recreation and events for people of all ages and is part of the national urban park of Pori. Please remember that in the nature, you are a guest of honour. Thank you for adhering to the outdoor etiquette: Outdoor Guide to Finland’s National Parks – Hiking in Finland

2. Choose sustainable modes of travel: walking, cycling, and buses

Pori is well-known for its short distances, which make the city easy to get acquainted with by foot. The bicycle is an excellent means oftransport for longer distances. Also have a look at public transport schedules. The City Line is a handy option in the city centre, and destinations like Yyteri, Reposaari or the Noormarkku Ironworks are conveniently accessible by bus.

3. Choose smart accommodation and make a difference through your food choices

Choose accommodation that emphasises sustainability and holds a sustainability certificate. You can make a difference through your own actions: consume water and electricity sparingly, recycle your waste and only fill your plate with as much food you can eat, favouring locally produced and plant-based ingredients. By favouring locally produced food, you promote your travel destination’s local economy, employment and food culture. This also supports local production remain in the area. Sustainable accommodation ranges from hotels to camping sites and farm accommodation.

4. Get to know the local culture

Pori is a well-known venue for events and culture, and many of its festivals and attractions have been granted sustainability certificates. For example, the popular long-running International Pori Jazz festival holds an EcoCompass certificate. The festival has been organised in Pori for more than 50 years. SuomiAreena, Finland’s largest social festival, also holds an EcoCompass certificate, demonstrating that the environmental actions it takes to promote its sustainability are truly effective. The museums in Pori actively develop sustainable operations, and the region’s ironworks areas are already home to certified sites.

5. Favour sustainable companies

As far as possible, favour sustainable local operators. Also check the sustainability of products or services. Sustainable products can be identified, for example, by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Green Key or EcoCompass certificate, the Fair Trade Mark or the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

To date, the Sustainable Travel Finland label has been granted to the following companies in the Pori region:

– Ahlström Works
– Koivuniemen Herra accommodation services
– Omena Hotels Pori
– Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Pori
– Savipakari café and restaurant
– Scandic Pori
– Yyteri Resort & Camping