Find your adventure in Pori’s central park

When children hear that Kirjurinpuisto has a playground the size of nearly five football fields, they rarely need any more convincing. But how about adults? What does Kirjurinluoto offer if you are travelling in the company of adults? Let’s find out, but first, we will talk about children.

The super popular Pelle Hermanni playground entertains both bigger and smaller children, and you can easily spend a full day there! Who would not like to play captain in a pirate ship, keep a lookout in an Angry Birds tower or slide down a tube. No wonder this playground was chosen Finland’s best in a public poll and that many visitors to Pori speak so highly of it.

Liikennepuisto Vinkkari is a traffic park for children, where they can roam around a miniature city in pedal cars and bicycles. While playing, they also learn traffic rules. Pedal cars and bicycles can be borrowed free of charge from the park depot. Animals can be observed right next to Vinkkari. In the summertime, Kirjuri is home to various animals, including goats, sheep and alpacas, and birds such as peacocks, collared doves and chickens and roosters.

You can also enjoy various outdoor games such as basketball, volleyball, minigolf and table tennis. There are green spaces for various purposes, and nature trails for different tastes, including for children.

A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

A quick walk in fresh air or a longer time spent in nature are readily available in the national
urban park
. Wander along in a jungle-like atmosphere, cross the river in a cable ferry or venture out on the duckboards. The changing scenery always offers something new for both leisurely and more adventurous hikers. Walking paths and nature trails range in length from less than one kilometre to as much as eight. If you like, you can combine the routes to cover a full marathon! Some of the trails are maintained in the winter, and depending on the weather conditions, skiing tracks and a long-distance skating track are set up.

Did you know that the largest delta in the Nordic countries has its origin in the centre of Pori? The numerous islets and channels of the Kokemäenjoki River delta and the parks they encircle are fascinating in their diversity. When out hiking, don’t forget to visit Hanhipuisto Garden Park, which houses a garden showcasing bushes and flowering plants that thrive in the Satakunta region. You can also find rarer species there.

Pitkospuut luontopolulla Kirjurinluodossa.

A quick dip in the river

The shallow sandy beach calls visitors to take a refreshing dip during hot days. Located in a beautiful park area along Kokemäenjoki river in the city centre, the beach faces the charming Eteläranta area and the old town, Kivi-Pori, on the opposite bank. An outdoor shower is available on the beach.

Enjoy the camping site’s special atmosphere

Kirjurinluoto has a camping site where you can spend the night in a camper van, caravan or tent. The area’s colourful cabins are also available during the International Pori Jazz Festival. Services, nature trails and the enormous playground are easily accessible by foot from the camping site. This is an ideal form of accommodation, especially during big events in Kirjurinluoto.

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