Enjoy local food and delicacies

Pori is well-known for its fish treats, served, for example, at local restaurants in the city centre and fish restaurants in Reposaari. Locals love smoked salmon, fried whitefish and Baltic herring in various forms. Sea buckthorn, a real superfood picked along the coast every year, is served in various desserts and as juice. Sea buckthorn contains a lot of vitamin C, and the hardiest enjoy the sour berries and juice as such to keep the flu at bay. Pori is also known for its traditional fermented bread called “kakko”.


If, after a night out, you find yourself at a fastfoodstand, order a Porilainen. It resembles a burger, containing onion-flavoured sausage, toast, onion, mustard, pickle relish and some ketchup.


Don’t let the looks of this round-mouthed delicacy fool you. Traditionally sold at the Pori marketplace in the autumn, lampern is a treat familiar to many. Lampern has been served at the marketplace in Pori for decades, and it is liked by all ages.

Frog pastry

These cheerful smiling chocolate pastries are only found in Pori! The cute little pastry is a perfect accompaniment to coffee. Frog pastries are made manually from beginning to end, and their original ingredients were bakeries’ leftover pieces.


If you crave chocolate brownies during your visit in Pori, ask for a Masaliisa. Over the years, this humorous nickname has become a fixture in the language of Pori residents, and Masaliisa is now a familiar sight in cafés, at birthday parties and sports events.