Unlimited sand, unlimited creativity

Embraced by Yyteri, you are free to focus only on the here and now. Your only regret will be not visiting sooner. Welcome!

Yyterin rantavehniä / kuva Antti Mäkelä

Spend a day of fun together in Kirvatsi!

The central park of Pori is just five minutes away from city cenre and full of nature, playgrounds, events and experiences for children and adults alike.

Spend a day with family in Kirjurinluoto Park

See and Experience

Looking for local attractions and sights? Whether you're looking for museums, activities, shopping, history or nature, Pori does not let you down!

See and experience Pori

Stay and enjoy

Pori offers a wide range of accommodation options, from the city centre to the peace and quiet of the coast. Its comprehensive range of restaurant services caters for all tastes.

Lainsuojattomat 1.-9.9.2018

Pori Theatre Festival / Lain§uojattomat, the vibrant theatre festival for independent professional theatre companies, is turning nineteen and will be electrifying the city of Pori for 9 days from the 1st to the 9th of September.

Ryhmämatkoilla kuljet vesibussilla Kokemäenjokea pitkin Ulvilaan tai Reposaareen

Head for a cruise in Kokemäenjoki river and head for the maritime island of Reposaari or to city of Ulvila! Public cruises to Reposaari are arranged 12, 15 and 19 of August and to Ulvila in 15 of August. The cruises go there and back again, and there is time to spend on land in both destinations.

Experience Pori on foot! Visit Pori arranges guided, one-hour walking tours to both central Pori and the maritime village of Reposaari. The authorised guides give an introduction to the history and present day, culture and architecture of Pori. Guided walking tours in English are arranged during August.
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