Cottage life brings out the best of being in Finland. You can have peace and privacy, and the cabins come in all sizes.
Reposaaren Kelluvat Huvilat

Reposaari floating villas

A one-of-a-kind accommodation option in the seaside destination of Reposaari in Pori.
Sahakosken Pirtti panoraamakuva

Sahakoski Cottage

A cosy oasis in a scenic setting, in peaceful wilderness but close to the city.
Anttooran Lomakylä ranta

Anttoora Holiday Village

Anttoora Holiday Village is situated in the scenic Meri-Pori by the sea.
Yyteri Beach metsähuvila

Yyteri Beach Resort

Sun, sand and sea – a unique resort in the midst of the idyllic sand dunes of Yyteri beach.