Cottage life brings out the best of being in Finland. You can have peace and privacy, and the cabins come in all sizes.
Villa Pyrylä maisema terassilta

Villa Pyrylä

Villa Pyrylä is perfect for both holidays around the year and accommodation during business trips.
Sahakosken pirtin lampi ja kota

Sahakoski Cottage

A cosy oasis in a scenic setting, in peaceful wilderness but close to the city.
Reposaaren Kelluvat Huvilat

Reposaari floating villas

A one-of-a-kind accommodation option in the seaside destination of Reposaari in Pori.
Yyteri Beach metsähuvila

Yyteri Beach Resort

Sun, sand and sea – a unique resort in the midst of the idyllic sand dunes of Yyteri beach.
Anttooran Lomakylä ranta

Anttoora Holiday Village

Anttoora Holiday Village is situated in the scenic Meri-Pori by the sea.
Reelinki seafront villas Villa Amando

Reelinki seafront villas

Two luxurious seaside villas.
Keisari3 huvila Yyterissä ulkoa

Keisari3 - Yyteri

Keisaripankki 3 – a high-quality log villa with large windows displaying the ethereal pinelands of Yyteri.