Sahakoski Cottage

A cosy oasis in a scenic setting, in peaceful wilderness but close to the city.

Sahakoski Cottage is a cosy oasis in a scenic setting, in peaceful wilderness but close to the city and easily and quickly accessible. The Cottage and sauna can be reserved for one night, or a whole week’s holiday. You can fish in the nearby river, hike in a forest and take a dip in a pond, to which water is supplied from three natural springs.

For celebrations, meetings, relaxation

Sahakoski Cottage is an atmospheric, cosy and accessible place for meetings, celebrations and relaxation. Full of natural light, this comfortable cottage offers state-of-the-art conference technology, a great setting for chats over coffee or dining as well as all the comforts you could want for your holiday.
In the winter, we recommend the cottage for events of fewer than 30 people, but in the summer, the party tent seats even more people. You can prepare your own meals at the cottage or order all the services and meals you want – or anything in between.

The cottage itself accommodates about ten people, and the Chamber next door accommodates almost as many. You can also stay in the Little Wooden Cottage by the pond or in the Little Cottage on the rock.

We also have a spacious and atmospheric Laplander’s Hut by the pond. It offers a memorable setting for both meetings and relaxation. Cook your meal on an open fire or wait for the smoke sauna next door to warm up.