Yyteri Beach Resort

Sun, sand and sea – a unique resort in the midst of the idyllic sand dunes of Yyteri beach.

We are open every day of the year, in every season. We provide villa accommodation for everyone, from lone travellers to families.


1. Havulinna+ 8 people – This luxury villa, built from round timber in 2012, accommodates both large and small parties. The equipment and furnishings meet today’s high standards. Ideal facilities for two families with children, for example.
2. Keisaripankki 6-7 people – A stunning modern log cabin designed for self-indulgence! The large windows open out onto an enchanting dune landscape. The lavish, furnished western terrace with a recessed hot tub is directly accessible from the washing room. Comfortable interior decoration with sofa sets.
3. Havulinna 6 people – a traditional and comfortable round log cottage. A highly functional layout with a focus on plentiful kitchen counters and cupboards. Children love to play in the spacious, over 30-square-metre sleeping loft. A large furnished terrace.
4. Hiekkalinna 4-6 people – A cosy, functional cabin built from laminated logs and featuring a spacious terrace.
A short distance to the beach and various activities.