Reelinki seafront villas

Two luxurious seaside villas.

Villa Amando and Villa Aava are luxurious seaside villas in the unique village of Reposaari. The modern Villas Amando and Aava offer cosy and comfortable accommodation around the year.

The air-conditioned, high-quality main buildings have a fully equipped kitchen, a unique dining area, two bedrooms and two toilets. Nearly each room has a spectacular view of the sea. Both villas have a cosy sauna cabin. The spacious sauna allows you to enjoy the view and take a refreshing dip in the sea. The price also includes the use of a spa bath.

The sauna cabin of Villa Amando has a third bedroom with a small kitchen and a fridge as well as a toilet. Villa Amando accommodates 12 people, while Villa Aava accommodates 8.

The villas feel like a second home and they can be used round the year.

You can also rent a bicycle (5 bikes available), or two high-quality SUP boards.

Contact information

  • Visiting address: Reelinki 16-18
  • Post address: Reposaari, Pori