Local life

We think that the best way to explore a new country is to get to know the daily life of the locals. And the best way to experience local life is to become a part of it.

Laundry on a string in Reposaari

Sport id life

For people in Pori ice hockey and finnish baseball are a matter of the heart. There are many opportunities to exercise in different kinds of sports in Pori. 

A great way to meet a Pori citizen is to go for a run or take a hike at the trails of Pori Forest or Kirjurinluoto. Or put your skates on and slide in to the artificial ice rink in Isomäki Sport centre or in Liisanpuisto.

On the other hand a local ice hockey game and in the summertime a finnish baseball match show the true nature of the people in Pori. Come and cheer the teams to victory with us! 



Puuvilla is a unique combination of a historic cultural setting and modern shopping centre. Close to the centre of Pori, Puuvilla is the largest shopping centre in Satakunta. It provides customers with more than 60 shops and 2,000 free parking spaces. It is an attractive centre of retail, services, education, events and culture. In Puuvilla, you can find local life at its best. People are doing their grocery shopping or just sitting in a cafe and meeting friends.

The Pori cotton mill was born from the desire to realize dreams, to succeed. The story continues into the new millennium at the Shopping Centre Puuvilla. The riverside, the classic industrial architecture and environmentally sound infrastructure render Puuvilla unique in Finland and the Nordics. It is also an attraction you must see!

City centre

Pori’s traditional Market Square is located centrally in the very heart of the city. The products available at the market include vegetables and berries, fresh fish, flowerpots, clothes, accessories and traditional woven birch baskets. In addition to markets, the Market Square is a venue for events, fairs and flea markets. Market Square together with the Market Hall, pedestrian street and businesses in the area, forms a lively city centre

At lunch time the city centre is a popular place to be. Also in the evening the restaurants, cafees and bars are meeting points for the local people. Maybe you want to taste some local craft beer? There is several local breweries that make craft beer that is served in local pubs and bars.

A man walking in the city centre

Kallo and Yyteri

When someone from Pori falls in love, they take their sweetheart to Kallo to admire the smooth sea-kissed rocks. If this someone suffers a break-up, they watch the storm beat down on the same rocks. Kallo is a small rocky island that leaves a mark on every visitor’s heart. And it`s a very popular place all-year-round among locals. 

Yyteri beach and Reposaari are also important places for local people. By the sea locals get the best outdoor experiences and fresh air during weekends. Also, the beautiful views don`t hurt anybody! Discover your nature in Yyteri.

People on a beach