Pori Forest

Pori Forest is an outdoors and recreational area full of trails situated in the vicinity of the centre of Pori.

It is located only a few kilometres from the city centre. Pori Forest plays a significant role as the nearby recreational area of the residents, and it is an important part of the Pori National Urban Park established in 2002.

Covering approximately 300 hectares, the forest area is in use all year round, and there is a versatile area of sports services called the sports centre in its vicinity.

In addition to being a place for outdoor activities and exercise, Pori Forest has also manifold other values. Isomäki and the network of outdoor trails surrounding it as well as the environment of the open-air swimming pool comprise the people’s park area presented in professor Yrjö Lindegren’s general plan from 1950, and it also has major architectural and land use planning history value. Pori Forest is also a place for relaxation, offering nature sensations varying by season. In addition, the area is renowned for its nature values.