Enjoy shopping in the shopping centres and smaller shops in Pori. Discover great finds and pick up something to take home with you. And check out the Visit Pori webstore!
Mannerlaukun julkisivu kauppakäytävälle

Mannerlaukku – Bag and suitcase store in Pori

A unique store specialising in bags and leather products in the centre of Pori since 1980!
Sokos Satakunta

Sokos Satakunta

A comfortable and experience-rich shopping environment.
Suklainen HerkkuPuoti3

Suklainen HerkkuPuoti

Suklainen HerkkuPuoti is a haven for all candy lovers in Pori!
ABC Kiikoisten välipalatarjontaa

ABC Kiikoinen

A break for you and your car from early morning to late at night.
Lavikon logo virkattuna Taavinsillan kaiteessa

Lavikko yarn and crafts shop

Lavikko is a traditional crafts shop for the modern age.

Fashion Department Store Ratsula

A unique fashion department store with excellent service!
ABC Tikkulan ravintolasali

ABC Tikkula

Refreshments for yourself and your car, 24/7.
Kauppatorilta löydät lähituottajien vihannekset, kukat yms.

Market Square

Pori’s traditional Market Square is located centrally in the very heart of the city. Together with the Market Hall...
Varaosapankista löydät materiaaleja remontteihin ja luovaan sisustukseen

Porin varaosapankki

Here, you can find everything you need for renovating your home, such as hinges, doors, windows, locks, lights and...
Kauppakeskus IsoKarhu Logo

Kauppakeskus IsoKarhu

Kauppakeskus IsoKarhu sijaitsee Porin ydinkeskustassa, vilkkaan kävelykadun varrella.