Wooden houses and thousands of stories! Reposaari is known for its unique village ambience and maritime atmosphere.

Reposaari – a town at a miniature scale

An idyllic island characterised by its wooden houses, Reposaari is almost like a miniature town. Some locals affectionately call this maritime district of about a thousand residents ‘Räpsöö’. The island is about three kilometres long and half a kilometre wide. It offers spectacular views of the sea and various interesting details.

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Over many centuries, the sheltered and deep natural harbour of Reposaari has been an important base for maritime traders and sailors on military expeditions alike. In 1558, Reposaari was given by Duke John “for use and enjoyment” to the town of Pori, which he founded that same year. With the soil that was brought to the island as ballast came seeds from foreign lands. This is still evident from the exotic plants that bloom on the island in summer. You can still feel the ambiance of the era of sailing ships on the island.

Reposaari is a nationally recognised district of Pori, and for good reason. The diverse wooden buildings, the Norwegian-style church and the fishing harbour with its trawlers make the island exceptionally picturesque. A tour of Reposaari is a great way to experience the island. The total distance, to be travelled by bike or on foot, is six kilometres. You can also change the length of the route by going via forest roads or paths to the centre. There is a rest area, several benches and information signs with information about Reposaari along the route.

In Reposaari, you can enjoy delicious seafood meals and take in the vastness of the sea on the jetty. The rocky shores of Siikaranta are a great spot for hiking. This idyllic island is accessible by bus, car and boat. Chartered and scheduled boat services are available. You can stay overnight at the camping area, in an elegant floating villa, or the island’s well-equipped guest harbour.

Did you know that Reposaari has also been used as the set for a movie? Rauni Reposaarelainen is an absurdist road movie about the samurai reality of Meri-Pori.