Pori Theatre

Welcome to the most beautiful theatre building in all of Finland!

Pori Theatre is the oldest Finnish-language professional theatre in Finland. It was founded in 1931 when Porin Näyttämö and Pori Workers’ Theatre merged. The theatre operates in central Pori in a theatre building that was completed in 1884 and is known for the allegorical ceiling paintings of the main stage area, which seats 304 people. The building was designed in the Renaissance Revival style by the Swedish architect Johan Erik Stenberg.

The Pori theatre building, which was officially inaugurated on 29 December 1884, was a real multi-purpose space in its era. In addition to theatre performances, it hosted a wide range of events including concerts, meetings, parties, masquerade balls and dances. The electric lighting, supplied by a London-based company and consisting of 86 fluorescent bulbs, was met with fear and respect by the people of Pori to the extent that the local newspaper had to publish an article to reassure people that electric light was safe for the actors and props.

Pori Theatre also includes an extension completed in 1974, which houses the Small Stage and an intermission café. A comprehensive renovation project was carried out in the theatre’s main building and extension wing in 2014–2017, with improvements including a lift for guests with physical disabilities.

The construction of the Pori theatre building more than 135 years ago was a cultural act whose impact is still felt today. The theatre building combines the sophisticated style of the past with the spatial and technical standards of the modern day. When we receive guests at the Pori Theatre, we are justified in wishing them welcome to the most beautiful theatre building in all of Finland!

Hallituskatu 14, 28100 PORI
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Open Mon–Fri 10 am to 6 pm, Sat 11 am to 6 pm
and one hour before showtime

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