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Nature and Outdoors

Unique Yyteri, the Bothnian Sea National Park, the largest estuary in the Nordic countries and diverse hiking trails spoil the nature traveller. Here you can dive into the heart of Pori's nature!

Local life

We think that the best way to explore a new country is to get to know the daily life of the locals. And the best way to experience local life is to become a part of it.


In Finland and also in Pori, wellbeing comes from very simple things. For Finns forests are the places where we seek serenity. Also Sauna is a big part of Finnish culture. In Pori we find peace in the coastline where we can sense both the calmness and the restlessness of the sea.


In Pori you will experience the unique culture, local sights and attractions and of course wonderful summer events like the Pori Jazz Festival.


Discover a great combination of different outdoor activities and experiences surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature.

Excursions and Guided Tours

Get to know Pori, the city of the river and the sea. Explore the history and step into the world of architecture and art. Fall in love with the archipelago that is part of the Bothnian Sea National Park. There is plenty to see and do whether you are interested in culture, activities in nature, or new experiences.

Tours for Groups

Come and explore the diverse sights and attractions of Pori and the surrounding area! The beautiful coastal region and the archipelago, and invigorating activities are sure to suit the needs of groups of all sizes and ages. Take your time and learn about our tours. Once you find what you like, get in touch!

Guides and Tours Service

Go with a guide - you will see and experience more! You can explore Pori on a ready-made tour or have a tour tailored to suit the needs of your group. Whether you are alone, a couple, a family, or a group, Pori offers endless opportunities for exploring the city, the sights, nature and the archipelago.