A day trip along the coast of Pori

Go on a road trip along Pori's breathtaking coastal roads and take in the stunning scenery and sights of the Bothnian Sea with all your senses. Here's a ready-made itinerary that you can complete in a day!

Yyteri bird shore

Huhtalanraitti, 28800 Pori

Get some fresh air before you start your drive. Maybe you’ll spot a rare migrating bird?

A family in a bird tower


Yyterinsantojentie, 28840 Pori

You probably need to stop for a bathroom break and some food. Having read this brochure, you should have a pretty good idea of what Yyteri has to offer.

Aerial view of a sandy beach


Kallontie, 28880 Pori

If you’re travelling with “the one”, a stop at Kallo should be on your itinerary. The wide open sea and the smooth rocks are full of romance, but even single people will find the scenery irresistible.


Reposaaren maantie, 28900 Pori

Stop by an idyllic village of about 1,000 inhabitants, with magnificent sea views and several restaurants.

Archipelago road

Pohjoinen Satamatie, 28900 Pori

Seututie 272 leads your group through the islands of Oodee Revaskeri, Lynaskeri and Kuuttokari. Along the way, you’ll find great spots for holiday snapshots. Post and tag your images with #finnisharchipelago


29700 Pori

After a long day on the road, you can stop and relax for a while. There’s no place better for that than the postcard village of Ahlainen. From here you can head back to your home base.