Two people admiring the sea view on an observation deck in Yyteri.

Find your happiness in Finnish nature

The happiness of Finns stems from our clean nature. From the mainland to the sea and from urban oases to natural protected areas – the Pori region offers nature destinations for all tastes. The unique Yyteri area, the Bothnian Sea National Park, the largest river delta in the Nordic countries and diverse hiking trails spoil the nature traveller. The locals favour Kirjurinluoto and Pori Forest – in Pori, nature is never far away.

Two people admiring the sea view on an observation deck in Yyteri.

Best birdwatching site

Several nature observation decks at the Yyteri bird beach offer new perspectives on the world of our feathered friends. The bird beach is one of Finland’s best places to observe waders, as well as the spring and autumn migration of birds. At least visit the Sannannokka tower and proceed to the next observation point at your own pace along duckboards and paths. Even less enthusiastic birdwatchers are sure to enjoy the scenery.

A family in a bird tower

Natural diversity in Yyteri

The sea is Yyteri’s big draw, and what better way to admire it, the unique dunes and other natural wonders than taking a walk at your own pace along the beach. The Yyteri hiking trails, stretching over several kilometres, also offer a host of other things: diverse forest types, bog crossings and observation decks in prime locations for enjoying the open landscape. There are accessible paths, as well as options for hikers and bikers, covering more than 30 kilometres.

Travelling with pets

Did you know that Pori offers dogs a beach of their own in Mäntyluoto? Your pet is sure to find friends at the dog beach, all year round. The hiking trails around Yyteri are also suitable for hairy friends, but keep in mind that pets are not allowed on the Yyteri beaches (or any other public beaches). Make sure your pet walks you on a leash, unless of course, you’re frolicking on the dog beach.

Picnicking together

At Yyteri, you can prepare roasted snacks or hot drinks during your adventures. If you are travelling with children, head for the marvellous campfire site at Munakari Spit, where you can enjoy your snacks and sea views. Park your car near Adventure Park Huikee, walk a few kilometres through the forest to the campfire site, and return along the shore, admiring the sea view. Kirjurinluoto is another easy hiking destination with a hand-operated cable ferry crossing and Amazon-like atmosphere. Take a break with the children at one of the rest areas by the woods or heat up your snacks on a barbeque.

A paradise for sports aficionados

The sports centre is a favourite of Pori residents. After a round of skiing, skating or cycling or working on the fitness steps, go for a refreshing dip in the open-air swimming pool. In the winter, you can enjoy cold water swimming and a warm sauna.

Porin open-air swimming pool

Take a tour around Lake Joutsijärvi

For a longer hike, we recommend circling Lake Joutsijärvi. The variable trail, covering nearly 30 kilometres, offers various rest areas where you can stop to enjoy the relaxing effects of nature. Most of the rest areas are by the water, and their log lean-tos and wilderness cabins provide an authentic feel of the wilderness.