Pori open-air swimming pool

The Pori open-air swimming pool has been a favourite among the locals since it was completed in 1957.

The open-air swimming pools include a full-scale jumping tower, water slide and three pools of different sizes, as well as saunas and changing rooms. The low Functionalism-styled building complex designed by the architect Yrjö Lindegren is among the most significant of its type.

In addition to the summer season lasting to the end of September, the open-air swimming pool is also open in the winter, with an opportunity to swim in 3–5-degree-centigrade water similar to ice swimming.

Located next to the Pori Isomäki ice rink at the sports centre, the open-air swimming pool is protected under the local plan and is part of the Pori National Urban Park. The open-air swimming pool is listed by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

Technical details of the open-air swimming pool:

  •     completed in 1957
  •     designer Yrjö Lindegren
  •     protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency
  •     large pool: 20 m x 50 m, depth 1.20–4.50 m, eight 50-metre lanes
  •     children’s pools: 7 m x 25 m, depth 0.10–0.60 m and 10 x 25 m, depth 0.50–1.10 m
  •     water temperature 26°C, during the ice swimming season 3–5°C
  •     diving tower: springboards (1 m and 3 m), platforms (5 m, 7,5 m and 10 m)
  •     50-metre water slide
  •     seating capacity for 500 spectators
  •     4 changing rooms
  •     2 shower rooms
  •     3 saunas
  •     charter sauna

Opening hours

2.10.2023-5.4.2024 winter season:
mon, wed, fri 15.00-20.00

Contact information

  • Visiting address: Metsämiehenkatu 8
  • Post address: 28500 Pori