Coastal gems you don’t want to miss

Here’s a tip for a one-day road trip taking in the coastal gems. A car is the more leisurely option, but those seeking greater activity can also enjoy the changing scenery by bicycle. Some of the destinations can be visited on guided tours. For further information, see:

1. Uniluoto

A charming and idyllic wooden house district by the open sea. It is difficult to walk along the streets of Uniluoto without making plans for moving there. What would life be like here? Would I finally be as happy as Finns?

2. Kallo

When someone from Pori falls in love, they take their sweetheart to the island of Kallo to admire the smooth sea-kissed rocks. Kallo is a small rocky island that can be accessed by driving straight along Highway 2, without taking a single turn – all the way from Helsinki, if you like. The scenery and atmosphere leave a mark in visitors’ hearts.

couple pointing to the horizon at sunset

3. Kallo Lighthouse

The Kallo Lighthouse is perfect for anyone prone to seasickness, as it can be admired safely on solid ground. The Kallo Lighthouse lit up for the first time in 1885.

4. Reposaari

Make a pilgrimage to the earthly capital of good vibes – Reposaari is an island that holds thousands of stories of the sea. It has a lot to offer to open-minded travellers. Delightful old wooden houses, an archipelago atmosphere, unique events and seaside restaurants invite you to take a trip to Reposaari.

Wooden houses in Reposaari

5. Reposaari takaranta and rock engravings

The rocky takaranta beach on Reposaari is a place for experiencing the force of the sea up close. Here, you can have a picnic, sunbathe and enjoy an active day with children. The searchlight rocks exhibit magnificent rock engravings from the past, while Lontoo beach (literally, London beach) offers a refreshing escape on hot summer days.

People on a rocky beach in Reposaari

6. Reposaari church

This Norwegian-style fell church is worth a visit – the combination of the hexagonal church building, octagonal belfry and the monument to the torpedo boat S2 in the adjacent park are the embodiment of the Reposaari mentality.

Reposaari church

7. Fortress

The fortress offers exciting discoveries for the whole family. It consists of two artillery sites, two ammunition stores, three personnel and medical shelters, an observation post and trenches connecting these. The wooden watchtower rising to the skies is the cherry on top of the cake.

Reposaari fortress

8. Saaristotie ring road

Leave the stress of daily life behind and let your soul rest when travelling along the stunning Saaristotie ring road. If you like, stop by a bridge to catch fish for your evening dinner.

Saaristotie ring road

9. Ahlainen

The small village of Ahlainen offers a refreshing idyllic resting place for travellers. The best way to enjoy this nationally significant cultural environment is by leisurely strolling down the quaint streets with an ice cream in your hand.

10. Ahlainen church

Dating back to 1796, the beautiful Ahlainen church and the slightly younger, separate belfry are a fascinating part of Finnish history.