Garden Park

Hanhipuisto park is a presentation park for trees, shrubs and flowering plants that thrive in the Satakunta region.
Kirjurinluoto ja Hanhipuisto

The Hanhipuisto park is located on the Hanhiluoto islet, just one kilometre from the city centre, in the environmentally valuable River Kokemäenjoki estuary.
Hanhipuisto park was originally set up in 1988 on a dredged soil deposit site. Extensive rebuilding work has turned the former sedimentation basins into a park where horizontal dimensions are used to highlight the vegetation on display. The total area of the Hanhipuisto park is around 16 hectares, of which 8.9 hectares comprises built-up parkland.

Adjacent to the Satakunta Garden Information Centre, the Hanhipuisto park is a presentation park for trees, shrubs and flowering plants that thrive in the Satakunta region. Some of the more uncommon plants and species are also displayed in the park.

Satakunta Garden Information Centre

Satakunta Garden Information Centre is a centre of horticultural advice serving gardening enthusiasts. The centre uses its yard, the Hanhipuisto park and the Polsa route to show plant species. Facilities in the centre include a reference library, a lecture room, a covered yard area and show areas for structures and plants.


The Polsanluoto islet

Next to the Hanhipuisto park in the River Kokemäenjoki estuary is the Polsanluoto islet that remains in a natural state.
The first nature trail was built on the Polsanluoto islet with duckboards in the early 1990s. In 2017, the duckboards were thoroughly renovated. A bridge was built in the upper course for crossing the water, while a hand-operated ferry was built in the lower course.

In 2017, the Polsanluoto islet was nominated as the first Mielipuisto in Pori. When you enter a Mielipuisto, it improves your mood. Pori’s first Mielipuisto was opened on the local nature day that was celebrated on Saturday 17 June 2017 on the Polsanluoto islet and in the Kirjurinluoto Park. The idea of naming the park and organising the event came from the Satakunta Association for Mental Health. The association would like to remind everyone that even a short walk in the woods is better for you than an hour in therapy. Having a natural-state spot for relaxing this close to the city centre is extremely valuable in Pori.

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