Children’s world

Spend a day of fun together in Kirvatsi! Kirvatsi is home to children’s favourite playgrounds, the beach, animals and a summer theatre... There is plenty to do, and Kirvatsi is right next to the city centre.
Kirjurissa leikkimässä
Photo by Visit Pori / Milla Grönman

Pelle Hermanni Park

Just outside the city centre, in the middle of the national urban parklands is Pelle Hermanni Park, a playground open to all. However, this super popular park is much more than a playground. It is, in fact, a huge play world, the size of five football pitches, and there is plenty of room for fun and games.  Pelle Hermanni is great for children of all ages - it will keep you entertained for the whole day! It is no coincidence that, in 2014, Pelle Hermanni Park was voted the best playground in Finland.

Explore the pirate ship, climb ropes, swing in the lianas like Tarzan, and go climbing in the Angry Birds park! The pirate ship is the landmark of the park, and Angry Birds are the latest addition to the park. In addition, you can find Pelle Hermanni’s mother’s cottage, his wagon, a small stage with seating, a paddling pool, a gazebo and a clown fountain.

Traffic Park Vinkkari

Traffic Park Vinkkari is great, children can ride bikes and pedal cars. Playing here will also teach children the rules of the road. You can borrow bikes and pedal cars at the depot. It is free, but very popular! That is why you can only ride for half an hour; they change drivers on the hour and half past. You should pick up your driving ticket as soon as you arrive at Kirjurinluoto Park and explore the Pelle Hermanni Park and meet the animals while you wait for your turn.

Animals and birds of the Kirjurinluoto Park

Kirjurinluoto Park is famous for its animals, such as young goats, sheep and alpacas, as well as birds. For more than four decades, visitors to the Kirjurinluoto Park have been able to admire the numerous species of birds. In the summer, the bird area is home to a Java peacock, as well as the regular peacock and his all-white partner, Reaves’ pheasants and Lady Amherst’s pheasants, different hens and cocks, and a collared turtle dove couple. The Kirjurinluoto birds spend their winters in the City of Pori facilities on Hanhiluoto.
The entire area of the islands in the river estuary is thought of as a bird estuary. The peacock is the most magnificent bird in the Kirjurinluoto Park. In addition to the birds in the fenced bird area, wild birds like to swim in the ponds in the park. For example, mallard ducks have taken to nesting in the peaceful park. In the summer, you can often see mallard mums taking their little ones over to the water across the lawns.

Alpakka ruokailee
Photo: Visit Pori

The beach and the lawns

The shallow, sandy beach of Kirjurinluoto is perfect for swimming and building sand castles. The beach is an ideal setting for picnics, beach volleyball and sunbathing. The kiosks, cafés and summer restaurant in the Kirjurinluoto Park will keep you well fed for a whole summer day!

Summer-time facilities at the beach include the kiosk building, toilets, showers and changing rooms, childcare facilities and solar-powered charging points for mobile phones. There is a beach volleyball court at the beach; ask for the net and ball at Café Viksu.

The lawn area is great for games, and probably the best place for a picnic you will find. If you’d rather not get crumbs on your blanket, tables are provided at the beach. There is also a barbeque area in the Kirjurinluoto Park.


Kirjurissa uimassa
Photo by Visit Pori / Milla Grönman


And more fun activities

There are several nature trails and hiking tracks that are also suitable for younger children. For example, the Polsanluoto trail is only 700 metres long.

The concert park and summer theatre Kijrurinluodon kesäteatteri offer entertainment for both children and adults.

The Kirjurinluoto Sports Arena offers indoor and outdoor sports facilities all year round. These services are subject to a charge. You can visit the Sports Arena for indoor activities and fun and games - guaranteed fun for a rainy day. Facilities at the Sports Arena include a café, and indoor and outdoor mini golf courses. The outdoor mini golf course at the Kirjurinluoto Park is the second oldest outdoor mini golf area in Finland that is still in operation.

You can also just take a breather and stop at Café Viksu, the ice-cream kiosk, the Kirjuri Summer Restaurant or the Taavi kiosk!

Fun ativities with and for children in Pori

Take a look at this list of activities you can do with your children in Pori area. Here are the best tips also outside Kirjurinluoto!

Porin lastenkulttuurikeskus vauvojen värikylpy

Pori Centre for Children's Culture

We provide workshops and events for children, youth, families, fathers, mothers and grandparents.
Kirjurinluodon uimaranta

Kirjurinluoto beach

The shallow, sandy beach of Kirjurinluoto is perfect for swimming and building sand castles. The beach is an ideal...
Huikee Seikkailupuiston iloinen liitäjä valjaiden varassa

Adventure Park Huikee

Adventure Park Huikee has activities for all ages; the rope track, fatbikes and the kick scooter track Pumptrack.
kirjurinluoto, pitkospuut

The Polsanluoto islet

Next to the Hanhipuisto park in the River Kokemäenjoki estuary is the Polsanluoto islet that remains in a natural...
Ultra Action Park

Ultra Action Park

Ultra Action Park is an indoor activity park for the whole family at the Puuvilla shopping centre.
Lampaan silittelyä MuuMaassa

Koivuniemen Herran MuuMaa Farm

Experience simple and authentic farm life at the MuuMaa countryside theme park of Koivuniemen Herran Farmi.
Yyterin ranta


Six kilometres of soft sand to sink your toes in, to sunbathe on, and to admire the sea for as far as you can see.

Ark Nature Centre

Presents the Satakunta region, focusing on natural habitats of the Bothnian Sea and the river Kokemäenjoki.
Esihistorian opastuskeskus Naurava lohikäärme

Naurava Lohikäärme Information Centre of Prehistory

Fly on the wings of Naurava Lohikäärme (‘the Laughing Dragon’) and find yourself in the thrilling eras of...
Herrainpäivien luontopolku sopii koko perheelle.

Nature trails and routes in Pori

Pori is close to nature, and diverse nature and hiking trails can be found both near and afar.
Pelle Hermannin leikkimaassa voi kiikkua

Pelle Hermanni Park

The Kirjurinluoto Park play area, the Pelle Hermanni Park, is about three hectares in size, equivalent to almost...
Meri-Porin uimahalli

Meri-Pori swimming hall

The Meri-Pori swimming hall is located in the Pihlava district of Pori.

Pori open-air swimming pool

The Pori open-air swimming pool has been a favourite among the locals since it was completed in 1957.
Porin keskustan uimahalli

Pori central swimming hall

The Pori central swimming hall was inaugurated in 2011.

Satakunta Museum

A history museum with exhibitions on the history of Satakunta and Pori.

Reposaari fortress

A coastal defence system in Reposaari, Pori, built in the 1930s.