Poriginal Gallery

Presents contemporary Finnish and Satakunta art, without forgetting the international point of view.

Pori Art Museum has had a gallery space for changing exhibitions since 1984, situated on the shore of the river Kokemäenjoki in an old salt warehouse, at Eteläranta 6, right next to the Art Museum.
The building is a Renaissance Revival property built based on drawings signed by the architect F.J. Lindström in 1885. The two-floor gallery building has 235 m² of exhibition space, allowing two exhibitions to take place at the same time.

Poriginal plays a significant role alongside Pori Art Museum in two ways. They are related to introducing phenomena in contemporary art on the one hand and the role of Pori Art Museum as the regional art museum of Satakunta on the other. The Gallery responds to the obligations of the Art Museum as a museum introducing regional art. Functioning as a gallery, Poriginal is more accessible than the actual Art Museum, therefore allowing young talented artists only on the verge their breakthrough to be presented, as well as the development of established strongly merited artists.

Pori Museum Services have been awarded the EcoCompass certificate in May 2024.

Pets allowed.

  • Tuesday-sunday 11-18

    Public holidays and exhibition rotation may bring exceptions to the opening hours.

    Free admission.