Noormarkku church

Built in the same location where the previous wooden church burned down in the turmoil of the Civil War.

Ignited by Civil War artillery fire on Easter Saturday, 30 March 1918, the church burned down with its archives and original pauper statue, library in the sacristy and Elin Danielson-Gambog’s altarpiece “Jesus and the sinful woman” (1899), donated by Eva Ahlström.

Due to financial reasons, the construction of the new church did not begin earlier than 15 years after the previous one burned down. With a grant from A. Ahlström Oy, Armas Lindgren drew the church in mediaeval style, and the current church was built in 1931–1933. The church was renovated in 1989 according to plans prepared by the architect Carl-Johan Slotte.

The church built of Noormarkku granite has seating for approximately 500. Built in the mediaeval Finnish style as a single-nave church, the church was listed as a conservation site by the Finnish Heritage Agency in 2002.

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