Keski-Pori church

The Gothic Revival church in Keski-Pori was built in 1859–1863.

It based on Carl Johan von Heideken’s drawings. The interiors of the church and the cast iron tower, rare in Finland, were designed by Georg Chiewitz

The peak of the tower and casements were cast by Porin konepaja. The limestone slabs and stone for the lectern stairs were imported from Öland, the lime for masonry work from Gotland. The cast iron was imported from England. Even the roofing iron and nails were imported goods.

The altarpiece depicting the resurrection was painted by Robert Ekman in 1863. Approximately 30 years later, August Krook finalised the church hall in Art Nouveau style. The interiors of the church are a rarity, as only little repetitive church architecture from the late 19th century remains. The church has a seating capacity of 1,700. The stained glass in the apse from 1925 is another rarity. Artist Magnus Enckell supervised the glass staining and colour choices in Paris, but never got to see the work completed. The themes of the stained glass are ”Proclamation”, ”Jesus the Consoler” and ”The Resurrected”. 

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