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Outdoor Etiquette

In nature, you are a guest of honour. Thank you for sticking to the Outdoor Etiquette so that our precious nature destinations are preserved for the future!

Nature Destinations

From the mainland to the sea and from urban oases to natural protected areas - the Pori region offers nature destinations for all tastes!


There is no point in getting lost. Grab a map and check the locations of carparks, cycling routes and nature trails. You can also pick up maps at the tourist information centre.


You will find general information about our tourist services. You can either come visit us or contact us by e-mail or call us. We will help you with any questions you might have! You'll also find our brochures for travelers as well as maps and information about getting around in Pori.


Here you can find brochures from both Pori and Yyteri!

Walking Tours

A walking tour is an excellent way to experience the city's history and present day, culture and architecture, people and nature. On foot, you get a completely different idea of the destination compared to watching through a bus window.

Boat Trips and Cruises

The ever-changing Pori archipelago nature, created by land uplift, is best explored by boat. The outer stretches of the archipelago outside Pori are largely unbuilt and beautifully rugged in their natural state. The Bothnian Sea National Park extends from Luvia to Merikarvia in the Pori region.

Nature and Outdoors

Unique Yyteri, the Bothnian Sea National Park, the largest estuary in the Nordic countries and diverse hiking trails spoil the nature traveller. Here you can dive into the heart of Pori's nature!

Local life

We think that the best way to explore a new country is to get to know the daily life of the locals. And the best way to experience local life is to become a part of it.