Lights get the city centre in the Christmas spirit

The city centre is slowly being dressed up for Christmas. The first lights were switched on for the opening of Christmas season last weekend, but the number of lights and decorations will continue to grow after that.

The installation of seasonal lights in the centre of Pori has progressed according to plan and the Christmas opening last weekend had an atmospheric setting. The lights have spread from the corners of the square to the pedestrian promenade and Eetunaukio, but new trees have also been taken over. The Satakieli platform has also been partially decorated, but as Christmas approaches, the number of decorations will also increase. The Eetunaukio stage will also get a wintry look later on, with a snowman leading the way.

“The trees at the corner of Ratsula have been given new lights for this year. For the time being, they are still connected to the street light network, so they will be lit at the same time as the street lights,” says District Gardener Minna Murtomäki.

The tree to be erected in front of the Town Hall is still being sought, but it should arrive in mid-December. As is traditional, Pori residents can suggest their own trees to be selected.