European Route of Industrial Heritage is opened in Satakunta for cultural travel

European Route of Industrial Heritage ERIH will add a large group new of Finnish destinations to itself. For the province of Satakunta this is remarkable news, for the province has five industrial heritage destinations, which will open Finland’s first official ERIH Regional Route in Satakunta today, May 17th, 2024.

The regional route of Satakunta, the West Coast Route, includes the destinations of Leineperi Ironworks, the in the spring of 2024 renovated Leather Museum of Friitala on the Alvar Aalto cultural heritage route the Ahlström Ironworks, the Ironworks Park of Kauttua, and the anchorage of the route, the Rosenlew museum.

The destinations inform visitors about the industrial development of the province of Satakunta from the era of ironworks to the present-day multidisciplinary industry. The industrial history of Satakunta dates to the 17th century, the era of the first sawmills and ironworks. The location at the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia has made it possible to have the important trade routes to the world and it has enabled the industrial development of the region.

The to-be-opened West Coast Route will make the industrial heritage of the region more visible to the international public. The route destinations and at their vicinity one can find high-quality services, such as architecture, exhibitions, cultural experiences, accommodations, café and restaurant services.

“By forming the regional route, we do the same to the industrial heritage as we have always done to the industry and livelihood. When we create connections both locally and internationally, we also improve the allure and congeniality of the region. At the same time, we also improve the sustainable cultural travelling,” states the intendant Leila Stenroos of the Rosenlew museum.

Explore the route in more detail on the European Route of Industrial Heritage’s website. Below are instructions on how to find the route: