Walking tours

COME WALKING! Several interesting one-hour walking tours are available in central Pori and Reposaari. In summer, Visit Pori and the authorised members of the Pori Association of Tour Guides arrange weekly walking tours. Tours of the Noormarkku Ironworks allow participants to learn about the people and events associated with the history of Noormarkku and A. Ahlström. There are scheduled tours, or you can book your own tour.

A walking tour is an excellent way to experience the city's history and present day, culture and architecture, people and nature. On foot, you get a completely different idea of the destination compared to watching through a bus window. A walking tour is also a great way to meet people and see places that you would not otherwise see.

After the tour, your guide will be happy to provide tips on what else to see or where to eat, for example.

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