Sensommar Filmfest 30/8/–1/9/2024   

Sensommar Filmfest gathers for the entire weekend the friends of Films to farewell the summer by watching beautiful and melancholic films. It is an escapist dive into the film art in a peculiar and romantic archipelago village of Reposaari.

The cosy and congenial weekend film festival offers during the Porin Venetsialaiset festival a high-quality all-inclusive art and culture experience for every sense. The programme consists of classics, previews of the new Finnish films, modern classics gems of the archives and the most interesting festival successes assorted from the Cannes and Berlin film festivals. The theme for the 2024 festival is a subtitle “The others will go, the others will stay”, which reflects the history of Reposaari as a successful export harbour in front of Pori on the Bothnic Sea.

Contact information

  • Post address: Reposaari, Pori